Pine Clam Shell

Pine essential oil – a great mood booster to feel festive!

Pine essential oil in mainly used in hair and skin care products as well as having relaxing qualities.

Like all our candles and wax melts, it is made from Kerasoy wax; which is not only animal cruelty free, but vegan friendly too. We also only use natural Essential Oils. Therefore, not only does this create a highly scented Candle or Wax Melt, but it can also have many other benefits too!

Each of our Wax Melts are hand made, hand poured and hand packaged in Caithness on the stunning North Coast of Scotland.

Our stunning, highly scented, Wax Melts are also available in a variety of other beautiful aromas

Each Clam Shell contains approximately 80g of Wax. All you need to do is take your clam out, snap part off and put it in your burner and enjoy the beautiful aromas that fill your home!